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Saturday, 26 May 2018

tips for youtuber /how to grow on youtube

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in last article discuss on blogging traffic but today we discuss on youtube channel.if you are youtuber and you have not succes than i will give you some tips for growing your youtube channel.

Choose topic or title for your video
when you record your video you need a title for your video so you can search title on youtube.and make video on this topic.

descriptions sugestion 
after upload video on your youtube channel.then some points write about your video in discription.
and some tags write in discription about video.
give tags in discription of your channel name.

choose high ranking tags 

in video the imporant terms is tag,tag is the most option for search rank.
create tags using there you make your account and place suggested tags,the tubebuddy is best seo tools for your YouTube channel.
create a video on best content and clear audio 
if you create best quality content then past audiense return your next video but if your content is not good then your audience not return.

share o facebook page and install youtube app for facebook page 
the facebook is big audience networks there you get high traffic for your facebook page you need to install YouTube app and access your channel on facebook page.
when you upload a new video on your channel then your video publish atomaticly in your facebook page.

i hope this article become you a best youtuber
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Friday, 25 May 2018

Adsense v/s and is best for earning on blogging

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today we discuss ads networks b/w adsense and or these are popular ads networks to provided ads for placing in blogs.
adsense is the ads network of google and adsense provided ads to place in your website and blogs amd make is part of google.for adsense approval you need a top level (paid) domain,if you have not purchase a top level domain you do not approved your in this case before apply for adsense you purchase a top level domain. or

the and is the private ads networks to provide the ads for your website or blogs.these are not part of and you will be approved these networks easily and place ads on your blog.

Who is better for earning 
the adsense is earning is better of all other ad networks because adsense give high cpc Comparison other ad networks.and adsense pay your earning fix date evey 21st of i will suggest that place only adsense ads in your blog or website.
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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

what is auto blogging /how to make 1000$ per month on auto blogging

hello everyone
the auto blogging is  best way for make money using blogger or WordPress websites.
what is auto blogging
the auto blogging is an art for make money online without any hard works using other website post
in auto blogging you have to make a blog on blogger or WordPress. when you create a professional blogs than you need to registor or sign up an website,this website name is ifttt(

how to setup other website post on your blog

after signup on ifttt you will go on any website choice with your catogary,for example news 18,,etc (news,tech post )
there you can see sitemap or rss  option in other website,go on rss and copy url on this website,after you go on ifttt acount and click on applate and choose rss option and submit or paste link,after click + option and choose blogger and click save after save chack 4 minute later your blog you can see post in your blog automatically.

how to earn using auto blogging

after publish post you can place ads of media
net,,adsense etc and make money

how to get traffic on your blog
for traffic on your blog you can share your post on or
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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

youtube v/s blogging / who is best for earning

hello everyone
today discuss about youtube earning and blogging earning,
earning on youtube
in this article we discuss earning of youtube and blogs,in youtube you have recuriment videos for make money before making money you have to create a youtube channel and upload videos regular,after your channel get 1000 subscriber and 4000hour watch time you can monetize adsense for money, in youtube channel the earning will be depended on views and subscriber.
earning on blogging
in blog you can make money with blogger and wordpress.
in blogger or wordpress you will make money write articles you have to write article regular,for make money you want to purchase a domain and approve adsense.after approve adsense you have place ads on your blogs and make money.

who is best youtube or blogging
the youtube is best for making money online because when you get high subacriber than you can get more views per videos and make more money,and blogger is depend upon the ranking post or article otherwise blog is best way fo make money

Friday, 18 May 2018

Bseh exam result 2018 / haryana class 12th board result declare how to chack

hbse result declare may 18 2018-     haryana board 12th exam results declare after 3 o`clock afternoon on 18 may (today).
how to chack hbse result 2018
 for chack hbse result 2018 you can chack your board results on
and you can chack your result on other partner website
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Saturday, 12 May 2018

how to create a youtube channel and make money

hello everyone

today i will discuss a new way to make online,so read this article carefully and follow.

how to make money on YouTube channel

youtube is the best platform to make money online,in youtube you have to upload videos about your skill and make money on adsense.

how to create a YouTube channel on YouTube

if really you want to create a YouTube channel than you need a google account,before you create a YouTube channel you create a google account on googleaccount,after create a Google account go on on any browser and sign in your Google account after click on create a new channel and choose a YouTube channel name for your skill for ex. - besed on education videos,technology videos,movies channel etc.
after choosing channel name verify you youtube channel with your mobile number.after verify your channel you will now ready for uploading videos.
how to connect YouTube channel with adsense

after upload your videos you need to sign up with adsense,for signup with adsense you go my youtube channel and after click on channel and select monetization tab and signup with adsense,
but before making money you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime in your channel than you make money.

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing easy

hello everone
today we provide a better platform for make money online if you are youtuber or blogger.
i this article we discuss amazon affiliate marketing so please read carefully and follow.

how to make money on Amazon
if you are a youtuber or blogger than you need a account on Amazon affiliate marketing,you make a associative ID on amazon.for make amzon account you can signup with your google account.

after create a associative ID or account you can get url of any product in Amazon and paste in youtube discription box if you are a blogger.

how to place Amazon products link on or
if you are a blogger than you can place your ads on blogger or WordPress there you enter your blog website and go on html and paste your peoduct link.
if you paste amazon link on blogger or WordPress than you will not approve your adsense so i wil suggest you that don't palce the amazon link in you blog website.
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Monday, 7 May 2018

how to purchase cheapest domain name for blog on godday

Hello everyone
today i will share my experience about paid domains,
if your are new blog creater than you want experience for domain name,so today we discuss with you that how to purchase a best and cheapest domain name by
here i will suggest you that if you want to purchase a domain name than please purchase more than 5$,
but will do blogging first time than you purchase a best and cheapest domain on

.xyz domain is best chepeat domain for blog or website,and the .xyz domain price is start ₹80(1.2$),so first time for blogging domain name is best chepest domain name.

how to domain name on
when you want to purchase a domain name than before you purchase you have to signup or make a godday account after aelect your topic and search your domain name and clixk buy,after some steps you purchase dabit or credit card.
when you purchase your domain than you fill domain details on or install wordpress website in
i suggested you than you purchase a domain name only 1 year
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Saturday, 5 May 2018

how to approve google adsense for make money on blogger in 20 to 30 days

hello everyone
today i am discuss about adsense approval for blogspot.
first time when you make a blog for make money o you choose your topic about you tell your audience on your article.after you have to recuirement a paid domain so purchase a best domain name minimum ₹ 300 (5$ ) for your topic  on godday website after purchasing a domain name make a blog on
how to make a blog
in you enter  in your browser after you see signup for there than you select your gmail account and choose any subdomain name,after select your blog best theme for your audience impression,you have to choose simple theme.
after you have recuriment to submit your paid domain in your blog so select your blog setting and go on third party url name,there fill your domain details and verify your paid domain for your blog.
your blog is now ready

how to approve adsense
after create a successful blog you have recuriment minimum 3 to 5 post daily four your topic,after 5 to 7 days you can eligible forapply  adsense approval,
publish daily 3 to 5 post and wait minimum 20 to 30 days your accout will be approved
when your adsense approve your place your adaense ads o your blog.
after placing ads you eligible for make money

thanks for read my article

Friday, 4 May 2018

how to promote your youtube channel,business and website on adwords with 2000 coupon code

hello everyone
today i want to share my experience with adwords for youtube channel and blog website
so now read carefully
in this article we discuss about adword,the adwords is the goole advertisement network for promote your business on paid.
this is best platform for promote your YouTube channel,websites,business etc.
in adword you have to spent only ₹ 500 or 9$ than after you can apply for ₹ 2000 ad credi and will be sent email of you after you have to recuirement for activate your coupon code.when your credit 2000 activate than you spend your 2000 credit within 30 days.
if you not spent your money than your 2000 credit date is expireAfter one month.the ad credit promo code is available only one time per user,

how much spend on your YouTube videos

when you make your first campaign than you will select only 0.11 ₹  high cpc per view.but daily budget is 100 ₹/day.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

best three alternative of adsense for make money on blog or website

hello everyone
today we discuss about ads networks for make make money without adsense so now read this article carefully
 this ads networks are same as adsense you gain high earning with in ads you can place high cpc ads on your blog post but i this ads network your blog contant is only in english no other language will be support,and is apptove when your blog get minium 1000 views /day.

2)  revenuehits
revenuehits is the best alternative of adsense because i this ads network you can place ads when you create your first post on your blog or website,you earn more money in this ad network  but you did not make audience because this network provide high ads on your blog post.

3) amazon affiliate marketing
amazon affiliate marketing is the best alternative of adsense for make money,in this ads you want to create a Amazon associative id on amazon after you can get products link and place on your blog.than any audience click this link and purchase any product than amazon gives you commision,but after you palce amazon product link than you will not approve your adsense
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How to rank or get traffic in your blog post on google easily only my personal method

hello everyone
today i will tell you a best method for your blog or website about traffic.
if you are a blogger and write the post than this article helpful for you so read carefully and follow my blog.
before you create your blog you have to choose topic for your choise and after purchase a doman with best price on any domain provider site,ex - godday or hostgator,after you make a blog,choose best theme for your blog,after you have to create a discription in your blog (go on setting),approve your google search console with your domain.
after write your post,you have to require 5 post daily for publish,
when you publish your post you have to require google plus.
in google plus you become members of many google comunnities page and share your post or article there,you get high traffic for your blog.
i hope you will be use my personal method