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Sunday, 10 June 2018

how to get traffic on your blog or website

hello everyone welcome on sagar informer
today we discuss about traffic on any blog or website
the best blogging source is or is very popular website for blogging and earn money.
in blogging first you make a website or blog and publish posts.after you have to get best traffic on your blogs.
how to get traffic on your blog
if you are a blogger or article writer than you publish your article in your blog but a big problem create on blogging.this problem is traffic on your your blog so how to resolve this issue for lets watch and if you impress and like this post than please follow this blogs

1) share on facebook
for traffic on your blog you have to need a Facebook page on your facebook account.when you create a page after you will be share your blogpot article on facebook.because facebook is best audience network on online system. so you can use facebook page for traffic on your blog

2) make a google+ profile and join many groups 
the second part for traffic is google+.
google+ is the best way to get traffic on your google+ you can join many groups on community section for example if you are a news writer then you can search news than you will be find many group about you can select your catogary and join groups,there you can get high traffic on your blog.

3) make a google console id on google console
for get traffic you have to setup your google console account.for google console account you go on setting on your your blog and click on google console and create a google console account and verify with your domain name and submit sitemap on your blogs.after this process you get automatic traffic on your blog.

4) create Becklinks
if your want more traffic than you need to create becklinks.if you do not know about becklink you can watch videos on youtube about becklinks
there you can search about becklinks.

i hope this article give you better ideas so please follows now.and if you have any quarry than comment now.

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