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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

how to promote youtube videos in free using tegs and other features

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in this article we discuss for youtube videos promotion,if you are a youtuber and your channel is not rank on youtube and not get views then i will suggest you that how can you promote your videos.

how to find tags
choose best tegs for your videos
if you do not known that how to select tegs than you learn here. when you upload video then you need tags for your video you can select tags on youtube app and search topic about your video on search tab here the youtube show suggested tags.
for ex- if you have educational channel you can search how to perform addition,there many suggesting topic show there.
in discription you can write long topic about your video,the discription is very helpful rankibg your videos,but you can not use tegs in
discription.when you write about your videos the yoitube show your videos in suggesting videos,so discription is very importent.

the title of your video is very importent for your video.title is become  ranking  in suggested videos.

end screen 
end screen is helping to get views on YouTube channel.
when any viewer watch your video and he like your video.then he want to view another video so this is very helpful.end screen is very importent feature to promote your video.
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